Our Team

  • Soren Muller, MBA

    Director of Product Development

    Soren has worked extensively in the Biotech space for >20 years and has helped secure over $2M in federal awards from NIH.  Throughout his tenure at TopoGEN his roles have included grants AOR, comptroller, laboratory manager, sales and procurements director, and finally Chief Operating Officer.  Early in his career, while TopoGEN was still in start-up mode at the BTC incubator at Ohio State, Soren learned the importance of developing synergies with affiliated outfits in biomedicine. 

    His passion for mountain biking and snowboarding has not waned over the years, which brought an interest in hemp therapeutics into focus for him as an alternative to more traditional forms of pain and muscle relief.   Ultimately his goal in joining CBxGEN is the refinement of newer, healthier forms of pain management coupled with ongoing human disease research. 

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  • Jerame Rief

    Founder and CEO

    Mr. Rief started in the CBD industry in 2016 by starting a hemp farm in Southeast Colorado. His farm was one of the first USDA organic-approved hemp farms in the United States.  He used his extensive background in midwest agriculture and engineering education to maximize the operation.  

    Jerame and Dr. Muller met in college when Jerame was enrolled in one of Dr. Muller’s classes and their synergies matched and had similar goals and ambitions to start CBD research in Colorado.  By joining forces between TopoGEN, Inc. and CBx Genomics & Therapeutics, a strong science-based synergy was created in the collaboration. 

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  • Mark T. Muller, Ph.D

    Company Partner, Chief Scientific Officer

    Mark T. Muller received his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) in Molecular Virology and Microbiology. He was on faculty at The Ohio State University for 25yr and has been an NIH funded cancer researcher for his entire career with multiple patents, over 100 publications and hundreds of seminars around the globe. Dr. Muller founded a new Department of Molecular Genetics at OSU (the first in the US), and actively collaborated with clinical researchers in the NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Center at OSU in anticancer drug discovery projects.

    Dr. Muller was a Program Leader of the Cancer Center’s Program in Experimental Therapeutics.  While at OSU in the late 1990s, Dr. Muller took a leadership role in establishing a Research Incubator with the Edison Foundation, and was on the board to develop and grow new start-ups in the Columbus community. In 2004, he was recruited to the University of Central Florida to help create a new College of Medicine at UCF in Orlando.   In 2015, Dr. Muller assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer of TopoGEN, Inc., an established for-profit biotechnology company focused on anti-cancer drug development and neurological disease diagnostics, currently funded by the NIH-SBIR federal grant program.  TopoGEN has a global distribution network for products that promote novel drug therapeutics that target epigenetic pathways in cancer.   His research team has developed a blood test for early AD (Alzheimer’s Disease) which is currently undergoing pre-clinical validation.  Dr. Muller is active on multiple Advisory and Business boards in the US and abroad.

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  • Rick Rabon, M.D.

    Company Partner, Director of Research

    Rick Rabon received his medical degree from the University of Colorado School of Medicine and completed his medical residency in family medicine through the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine. Dr. Rabon was recognized as one of the top physician researchers from his residency program for his work studying botanicals as safe alternatives to toxic synthetic surface antiseptics used in the hospital setting.

    Dr. Rabon has been involved in scientific and clinical medical research since prior to entering medical school and has authorship in multiple peer reviewed journals. Much of his research was focused on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and ameliorating the debilitating effects of this disease, which included the use of natural dietary supplements. Dr. Rabon began to take an interest in the therapeutic potential of hemp in his clinical practice, but recognized the lack of rigorous scientific studies behind these products. Subsequently, in 2021 Dr. Rabon joined forces with Dr. Muller and his team at TopoGEN as a research consultant assisting them in elucidating potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets for Alzheimer’s disease. Techniques that were applied in this research fueled a drive to begin exploring how different molecular compounds extracted and isolated from hemp alter the human genome through epigenetic modifications and related gene expression. Dr. Rabon is able to continue this research through a partnership with CBx Genomics & Therapeutics, where he also serves as a medical and scientific advisor in product development.

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