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CBX Gen Lab


Located in beautiful Buena Vista, Colorado, CBx Genomics and Therapeutics is a hemp products company dedicated to understanding molecular mechanisms of action of cannabinoids and other natural components of the cannabis plant on human physiology.  To fund research on these important agents, we are offering scientifically defined formulations of selected cannabinoids using high-purity, organic-sourced materials.

Our products are screened by third-party national ISO and ASTM accredited laboratories to meet all current state and federal hemp regulations and to demonstrate biochemical purity and precision cannabinoid potency. Before our products are made available to you, they must pass more than 100 safety checkpoints that include assessing for microbial contamination, pesticides, mycotoxins, residual solvents, and heavy metals.

Need to Know

We compile this information into a detailed Certificate of Analysis (COA) summary for each product and the corresponding production batch, which can be accessed through our COA Search by the unique lot # assigned to your product (printed on the label or found in the product insert). You can be assured that our products are tested to be safe for consumption and are currently being studied through our ongoing scientific research for their potential as human therapeutics.

Our cannabinoid products were formulated by a Ph.D. researcher and a physician-scientist who are experts in molecular biology and in the medical and cannabis fields; thus, what you get is a rationally designed therapeutic that is optimized for bioavailability, potency, stability, and most importantly, safety.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the public on the application and use of these equitably sourced products to deliver optimized therapeutic benefits.  Proceeds from the sale of our products get funneled back into cannabinoid research conducted through TopoGEN in partnership with our team.