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What does sublingual dosing mean?

This refers to placing the tincture oil DROPS under your tongue for approximately 1 min before swallowing. By using the product this way, the hemp molecules get absorbed directly into your blood circulation, allowing for optimum bioavailability.

What is bioavailability?

Bioavailability refers to how much active ingredient is absorbed into your blood circulation, when introduced into the body to obtain a desired effect. CBxDROPS are specifically formulated to allow for maximal absorption of all the beneficial hemp compounds in each DROP you dose.

What's wrong with swallowing it? Can I put CBxDROPS in my food or drink?

You can! You will have to consume more oil to get the same effect than if you took it sublingually. Reason being, when hemp products are swallowed they enter your digestive system, only to become
mostly excreted as waste byproducts. What little is absorbed is subject to alteration and inactivation through the primary metabolic actions of your liver. The end result is that it takes more time for the active hemp compounds to enter the bloodstream, with a much lower concentration actually circulating in your body, limiting their therapeutic effects.

Why are CBxDROPS better than competing tinctures?

We specifically designed our tinctures to improve the efficacy of sublingual dosing. We accomplish this through a novel blending process that allows for a major reduction of unnecessary carrier oil volume, while optimizing the overall total cannabinoid potency of the hemp product. Our tinctures are most effectively absorbed sublingually, with 20mg total cannabinoids contained in each DROP of oil. Essentially, we offer you the freedom to titrate your own dosage: if you are new to consuming cannabinoids you may only need to start with 1-2 DROPS at a time. If you are an athlete doing intensive training, you may want up your dosage to 4 DROPS to aid in your recovery program. Point is, you have ultimate control over the number of DROPS that are right for you! 

Why is my bottle of CBxDROPS so small?

Most hemp tinctures on the market require big mouthfuls of carrier oil to dissolve trace amounts of active hemp compounds CBxDROPS are formulated as high-potency tinctures dosed by the DROP, so you no longer have to consume large volumes of oil to get the desired effects.

Are CBxGen products vegan?

All CBxGEN products are vegan crafted.

Are your ingredients organic?

We strive to incorporate the highest quality ingredients in the creation of our products and use organic or all natural compounds whenever they are available - free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Do you offer custom volumes?

Sure! Please enquire within. If you are interested in a bulk volume of our products, we can provide you a quote with discount pricing.

Are these products intoxicating?

The intoxicating effects are generally derived from the presence of THC. We strive to use only non-intoxicating cannabinoids in our products. Further, we use 3rd party lab testing to confirm that levels of THC are either trace amounts or non detected. This can be confirmed on our lab reports.

Will I fail a drug test if I use your products?

If used as directed, the occurence of a positive drug test result is unlikely. However, CBxGEN does not warrant or provide assurance of a negative test result. If you are subjected to mandatory drug testing, consider the risks of potential positive test results prior to use.