Cannabinoid Blood Concentration Over Time Comparing Extended and Immediate Release

Maximum Benefit Utilizing Extended and Immediate Release Cannabinoid Delivery

Dosing Steps for Maximum Benefit from Use of our Immediate Release CBxDROPS and reGEN Extended Release Combination 

  1.  Take one (1) reGEN 8-hour extended release capsule in the morning, anticipating the maximum cannabinoid concentration in your bloodstream to occur around 3-4 hours after taking. 
  2. Drop 1-4 (20mg Cannabinoids per DROP) CBxDROPS of your desired amount of cannabinoids sublingually(under the tongue) within 30 minutes after taking the reGEN capsule, and avoid swallowing the DROPS for greatest absorption, approximately 1-2 minutes under the tongue.  Maximum cannabinoid concentration in bloodstream occurs within 30min from dosing and tapers off to minimal levels 3-4hours after dosing the CBxDROPS. 
  3. To help maintain constant cannabinoid levels towards the end of the day when the reGEN levels are beginning to taper off, consider repeating your desired dose of the CBxDROPS  approximately 6-7 hours after taking the reGEN.  However, if you are taking our CBx REST DROPS we recommend using this product 30min before you plan on going to bed for best results. 
  4. Each reGEN capsule contains 50mg CBD and 10mg CBG, if you are used to taking larger than these dosages daily, it may be necessary to compensate for your daily cannabinoid requirements with an additional 1-4 CBxDROPS around 4 hours after taking the re-GEN capsule.  This amount would be based on your calculated total daily cannabinoid value.  If you have never consumed cannabinoids it is recommended to start low with our products at a max of 100mg total cannabinoids daily, which may be best achieved by taking CBxDROPS alone, without the reGEN, to better titrate your dosing throughout the day to determine your initial total daily cannabinoid amount.  If you are tolerant to cannabinoids by consuming them regularly, it is recommended to take between 120-240mg total cannabinoids daily of our products.
    1. Example calculation for cannabinoid naïve user with a max recommended total cannabinoid amount of 100mg/day. 

reGEN 1-capsule (60mg) + CBxDROPS 1-DROP in the AM (20mg) and 1-DROP in the PM(20mg)=100mg total daily cannabinoid amount.  

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